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Simple cremations,
remarkable memorials.

A dignified cremation with a celebrant-led memorial service in one fixed price package.

We keep the funeral parts simple and focus on creating a personal memorial event that truly tells a story.

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Our stories live on in each new day.

The future of funerals is tomorrow. Cremation & memorials that bring a human experience to an outdated tradition.

Tomorrow allows you to focus on the most important thing today: remembering and honouring the life of your loved one.

Our distinction is connection, at a time where it is most important.

We pair you with one of our celebrants to help plan and conduct a memorial service that feels true to you or the departed, as rich and varied as their life was. This could be simple, this could be sensational – we believe that a memorial is a story, one that reflects the life of your loved one, and deserves to be told.

Who We Are

How is a Tomorrow funeral different?
Tomorrow Vs Traditional.

Who will be my point of contact throughout the process?2021-07-05T07:50:15+08:00

With a traditional funeral home, your point of contact will be a funeral director.

Because Tomorrow simplifies the funeral parts of the process, your point of contact throughout will be a dedicated celebrant.

What will happen with my loved ones body?2021-07-05T07:49:59+08:00

A traditional funeral provider will offer clients the choice to make decisions on every element of the process. This may include cremation vs burial, choice of coffin (coffin exterior, handles, lining, material etc), embalming and other preservation techniques, viewings (eg open or closed casket, additional viewings of loved ones body at funeral parlour). For these reasons, traditional funeral homes are generally a preferred option for any families who require specific processes (such as those that are important for religious reasons) to be followed.

Tomorrow will collect your loved one from their place of passing & immediately undertake a dignified cremation in an eco-friendly coffin at a local crematorium.
We don’t offer various options here, instead choosing to keep the process as simple and dignified as it can be to avoid excessive costs and allow the family to focus their decision making efforts on the memorial event.

Can we see our loved one before they are cremated or buried?2021-07-05T07:49:40+08:00

A traditional funeral home will generally involve a viewing of your loved ones body – either privately at their funeral parlour, or with an open casket at the service. 

Because Tomorrow bypasses any of the typical procedures carried out by an undertaker and completes the cremation as soon as possible, your last chance to see your loved one will be before we come to collect them.

What packages are available?2021-07-05T07:48:59+08:00

A traditional funeral home will have multiple packages, depending on the multitude of decisions chosen. The average price of a funeral in Melbourne is $7,600 and though some funeral homes have very cheap packages, it can easily cost much more than this amount if families choose several upgrades.

Tomorrow offers one single all-inclusive package priced at $6,400.

What extras or add-ons are available?2021-07-05T07:47:14+08:00

Because of the multitude of choices available in the booking process for a traditional funeral home, most families will pay a different amount depending on what add-ons or extras they choose. Common add-ons can include mortuary preparation, coffin or vehicle upgrades, printed material like order of service cards, additional time at the service venue, catering, flowers and video tributes etc. 

Tomorrow includes several high-value add-ons as part of our single package priced at $6,400 – including a video tribute, printed memorial book & memorial website. There will never be any additional costs payable to Tomorrow & though you may spend more money with 3rd party suppliers (on items like catering, flowers etc), because we don’t make any margin on additional expenditure, there’s never any incentive for us to make you want to spend more.

What is the process for the service?2021-07-05T07:45:53+08:00

A traditional funeral process generally follows the process where your loved one will be collected by a funeral director and taken into their care, where families will go to meet with the company to decide on what they’d like to do with their loved ones body. These decisions might include what coffin or coffin handles will be used and what packages and extras they’d like to include in the funeral service. The funeral service will be held a few days later, with the coffin present and cremation or burial to take place after the service.

With Tomorrow, we’ll collect your loved ones body and organise an unattended cremation within a few days once all necessary paperwork has been completed. During this time, you’ll be connected with a celebrant and can begin to discuss plans for the memorial event. Because the service will be held after the cremation and therefore coffin will not be present, there are no constraints to consider when planning the actual event. It can be several days, weeks, or months later. If you choose, the memorial service can then be combined with the wake to be one consolidated service.

Where is the service held?2021-07-05T07:26:45+08:00

Traditional funeral companies will usually host their services at a chapel within the funeral parlour.

The Tomorrow model is a bit different as we don’t operate out of a physical funeral home. Instead, we partner with a range of ‘house venues’ that our customers can use to host their memorial service without venue fees or minimum spend – these are beautiful restaurants or function venues that you might usually be used to host weddings or other events. But of course, our customers can choose to host the service wherever they wish – whether that be at your own home, another venue, or an outdoor location like a park or beach.

We make the logistics of the funeral simple.

Dignified Cremation

This includes transfers, eco friendly coffin, death certificate, return of ashes. We make the logistics simple and without the need for difficult decisions.

No Sales People

We don’t think that the grieving process should include being sold to. Our package is simple, transparent & without add-ons or upsells.

Bespoke Memorials

By making the cremation simple & helping you to avoid spending money on unimportant add-ons, we free up your time and budget to focus on creating an exceptional /extraordinary memorial service.

We have a solution for both immediate service and prepaid funerals.

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Immediate Service

If you require the services of Tomorrow for a cremation & memorial either immediately or within the next few months.

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If you are interested in learning about how you can prepay for a Tomorrow cremation & memorial service.

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